Taxation without Representation

If the people you vote for are never elected, are you really being represented in a republic like the one we live in?

Some idealists may claim that politicians represent all of their constituents, even the ones who voted against them, but this claim seems baseless. Representatives hold values that inform their decisions, and if those values are not held by one of their constituents, that constituent is not being given a voice in their own government.

So, could we claim, as the founders did, unfair taxation without representation? Absolutely. Many do, for what little it gets them. I am wary to change this, since it is such a strong claim against the unfairness of our republican system, and I am interested in minimizing government as much as possible. Even so, I intend to present:

A new plan for assuring accurate representation in government.

Firstly, all citizens are entitled to be representatives. They must only announce that they are selecting that option, and they automatically get one vote on any issue — their own.

Secondly, any citizen who is not interested in being a representative can choose to select someone who has announced their intention to serve. That person then gains the votes of anyone who has so selected them.

Thirdly, a citizen can change their representative at any time, without having to wait for an election cycle. The number of votes held by each representative would be recalculated on some regular schedule, such as weekly.

And that’s it! Votes would have to be held on the internet, probably, and there would have to be a mechanism for selecting your representative, probably available online, over the phone, or in person. In fact, this whole system is probably workable only with the most recent technology.

I would predict that a small number of representatives would gain a large number of votes. One person could even gain a majority of the votes, though I think this would be doubtful.

Another interesting development available from this system is instant polls. In fact, polls don’t need to be held since the entire election is one big constant poll. Very cool charts could be developed showing the support for various legislators bouncing up and down, and they could be broken down by region, age group, and other factors.

Does anyone have a nation they are planning to start where I could try this system out?


3 Responses

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  2. Great Blog! Makes me want to start one up. Your blog is like a delicious cake. Layers of deep emotional, political, and worldly ideas topped with a fluffy icing of comedic videos and links. Your baring your all to the populaces and I applaud you for it! Keep up the good work.

  3. […] because I don’t think it is of any use given the system we are living under now. Perhaps in a different system, things might be better. But I think that whether to vote and who to vote for is a decision that […]

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