Another depressing divorceblog

So, Melissa is away visiting her boyfriend for the weekend, this is the third of such trips she has taken.

I am dreading her return; the first time she went, she told me that she loved him, and she might leave me for him.  The second time, upon return, she told me that she was definitely leaving me for him.  What more could there be for her to say?

It seems like being with him gives her the courage to tell me things that will hurt me.  They are things that should be said, if they are true, but nonetheless they hurt very much.  I am preparing for anything bad I can think of so as to try to steel myself against them: that she is going to move out immediately; that she doesn’t love me; that she won’t go with me on our last planned vacation to Costa Rica; that they are engaged; that she will never touch me again.  Some of these things are worse than others, I know.

Does anyone else have any ideas for things I might want to steel myself against?


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