Strange Affectors

The weirdest things have been making me emotional lately.

Today, I was watching an episode of Star Trek: Voyager called “Real Life“, which is about The Doctor creating a holographic family and learning what it means to go through the pain and happiness of being a family.  It made me a little sadder than it should have, and a little happier than it should have, at the proper junctures.

Then, I watched the video of Xbox 360 kid.   That kid is so happy.  It made me want so much to be able to make someone, or multiple someones, as happy as he is there.  I wanted that so much to be able to do that for someone.  And the crass commercialism makes me feel, rationally, silly for feeling that way.  If we all had lives where we could make people’s dreams come true, no matter what those dreams are, the world would be so much more livable.


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