In the year 2000…

I’ve always thought, ever since I read about the Philip K. Dick bot, that in the near future, artificial intelligences will be created based on the writing of people that have been saved to the Internet.

Talking to my friend Mr. Wellons, I realized that writing a blog would help this along. I mean, Google could probably construct a Greg-bot based on the things I’ve written in e-mails and chats, but who knows if they will save that information, or release it in the future to anthropologists trying to do a project like this. A blog will hopefully create a different style of body of work, at the very least, to help these AI magicians along.

I know it’s doubtful that they would choose me to digitize and talk to, but it is also possible that in 10,000 years, if the information is still around, they will be able to create an amalgam of personalities from the year 2000, using the entire body of text spread across the internet. I presume this chatbot would be different enough from the people living then that this might be an interesting project.


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  1. […] environment as it existed using all of this information. Essentially, if you combine this idea with my other idea about constructing artificial intelligences with the personality of a person based on their internet writings, they could come close to being able to approximately recreate our […]

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