Decisions, Decisions

I have to figure out where to live after Melissa leaves.

I have never been good at making these kinds of decisions, and I’ve been trying to get my head clear on this, so I’m just going to make a list of options.

  1. Keep the house, and try to stay afloat whilst living here alone. I would have to be VERY frugal. I would also have to take care of a whole house by myself. I would also have to work out a deal with Melissa to pay her some amount when I sell it.
  2. Keep the house, and try to get a roommate I know. My brother would be the most obvious candidate, but I could also try craigslist.
  3. Sell the house, get an apartment within walking distance of work. Apartments in downtown Silver Spring are EXPENSIVE. Not as expensive as paying my mortgage, I grant, but still, a big money sink. Also, a year commitment.
  4. Get an apartment in Silver Spring with a roommate. Not too appetizing.
  5. Get an apartment somewhere with my brother. Probably in Rockville, for the ease of his commute. I would be commuting on the MARC train. I also don’t know if he will be able to cover his half of the rent!
  6. Live with my parents. This is also not an appetizing option, though it would allow me to do some pretty serious saving.
  7. Move to Portland or Seattle. I have college friends there who would help me out until I find a place, or make good roommates. The “scene” there seems exciting, but I would miss my family.
  8. Move somewhere insane. Like South America. I am not a very adventurous person.

I am not a very decisive person. Advice, people! I need it.


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