A civil set of actions

All in all, as break-ups of 5 year marriages go, this one is not very antagonistic.

I don’t know what the worst (meanest) thing I have done so far is. I would be interested in hearing what it might be from Melissa. I think it might be saying that her new boyfriend “doesn’t sound like a very good person.” That is certainly what has upset her the most of anything I’ve done, and that would upset any friend talking about another friend’s significant other.

The meanest thing Melissa has done was making promises (she would probably say they were more like predictions) that she couldn’t keep. The most obvious example is, one weekend when she was down to see him, she said she would call me every day. On Saturday, she called me from an Applebee’s bathroom and talked for two minutes. She didn’t call on Sunday.

I think it may be in our nature to be accommodative, and that is why things aren’t so hard. I certainly hope they don’t get much harder, though the actual full and final split is still in the future.

I hope so because, as far as our lives go, we both are experiencing something of a dearth of friends. We both need all the friends we can get, and we have a lot of practice at being very good friends. It would be hard and sad for us to lose that.


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