The Gods Amongst Us

I’m pretty busy this week, today is my brother’s birthday, tomorrow I am having dinner with family, and Thursday the realtor is coming to talk about selling the house. So, if you add work into all that, busy.

Tomorrow I’m attending dinner with my cousins, who recently had a new baby. They had been telling us for a while that they were planning to name him Odin. I don’t think my cousin fully understood all the implications of that name, although I do think it is a good strong one. Especially since it is the name of a Norse and Germanic God!  When I explained this to my cousin, it did not deter her, but she did tell me she didn’t want to hear about his more.. interesting.. attributes (most especially the human sacrifices).

It is certainly an uncommon name. The popular Baby NameVoyager says that no names in the top 1000 have started with ‘OD’ since the early 1980’s. I like uncommon names. But the name isn’t uncommon enough that it does not have strong historical roots in our language. For example, the word Wednesday comes from “Wotan’s Day,” Wotan being Odin’s name in German. So he theoretically has a day all to himself!  Maybe he can celebrate it every week like a birthday.

Anyway, he’s just a little baby now, and they live a few states away.  But whenever I see him, I’m sure I’ll be tempted to call him The Great One-Eyed Odin the Allfather, Keeper of the Ravens, Father of Thor, Wise Beyond All Others.  For this reason, if not others, I assume they’ll want to keep me far away from him.

But I warned them!


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