Apartment Search Party

Today I went out with my brother to get a sense of what the apartment market is like. After I sell my house, I’ll need somewhere to live and he has been looking for someone to live with. I don’t know if this is a good idea or a bad idea, but it’s something to try. I need to learn to live more independently. One of the things Melissa says I should work on is not needing someone to take care of me, and I think this is a good step towards that.

Some issues arise, though:

  • My brother is a smoker. Eeyuugh! I already told him he should quit but if I harp on him about it living together could be tough!
  • My brother also likes to party! This means I will be spending time with his friends, which is good because I’ll be out there meeting people, and I could even be his designated driver. Because I’m not much of a partier myself.
  • I make a lot more money than him, so that could cause tension if he is not able to pay one month.

Those things being said, I love him and we do get along pretty well. So, we went to look at apartment. It seems like for a two bedroom, the price range is from $1100-1500, which is pretty high. And no one seems to be covering utilities where we were looking, in Glenmont and Rockville. The cheapest apartment (and hence the one we liked the best 😉 had kind of a weird attribute. One of the bedrooms had a hallway at the end of it that just sort of ended at a window! It looked like this crude paint replica:


My parents theorized that every bedroom needed a window for fire safety rules or something.  I’m thinking that area would be a good place to store my board game collection.


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