Happy Eostremas

Happy Easter all!

I spent time with my family today, as I hope you all do whenever you get the chance. My cousin’s boyfriend Teddy told me about his website, which is apparently about his musical stylings, although he tells me he hasn’t actually recorded any music. So watch for that! It’s not the easiest Web site to navigate, but then again it’s better than lame people who just use the default blog template.

I guess I wanted to talk a little bit about Easter. You guys are probably aware that I’m a fan of etymology and mythology from my post on my second cousin Odin.

Well, Easter is a funny holiday, at least when you speak a Germanic language. You’re all very erudite, so I’m sure you’re all aware that most Christian holidays are actually pagan holidays that were co-opted by the church to help smooth the conversion to Christianity in Europe. Christ’s birth actually taking place in the spring and so forth. Well, last year I wondered why this holiday is called Easter, since that seems like a funny name for a combination passover / resurrection holiday.

Apparently, in Latin and the Romance languages, the holiday is called Pascha or some variation, which essentially means passover. But in the Germanic languages, it’s named after the goddess Eostre, the ancient Germanic goddess of the dawn.  Essentially Easter was a preexisting holiday celebrating the spring equinox and in Germany and England they didn’t even bother to change the name! (sort of like Yule (Christmas) and Samhain (Halloween)).

So, here’s to Eostre and all the others gods we don’t remember except for a few words they left behind!  Go hide some eggs and chase some bunnies!


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