A good sport

At our Easter get-together, we played three games of volleyball, which is probably the first time I’ve played a team sport, or any sport at all, in about a year.  I really enjoy it, but I’m so out of shape that I can basically only play sports where you don’t have to run very much.  (When I play soccer I usually give myself about 4 minutes, and that’s generous).  I think I would like to play team sports more often, maybe join some sort of league or something.  I think that’s more likely to happen if I’m living with my brother than with my wife.  She refuses to do anything like that, in general.

So, I hope I do that.  But so I don’t waste this blog post with just mindless blather, I’ll talk about professional sports!

I don’t like them.

Mainly the reason I don’t like professional sports is that they are essentially just business.  Yes, there is a good deal of skill involved, but who shows off that skill and where they do it is basically a matter of team owners making smart investments and trades.  I wonder what the world would be like if people followed college recruitments to major corporations like they followed sports drafts.

And the meat of the sports business is government subsidies.  Teams will do anything to convince local governments to build them stadiums using taxpayer dollars for next to nothing, and usually anything means threatening to move their team to another locale.  The fact that a team is local means next to nothing to the owners and most of the players, but the fans seem to care a great deal.

I wonder where in the United States is farthest away from a stadium owned by a major sports franchise?   I might like to move there.  And I bet some crazy sports fan has figured out what that place is (not unlike something a crazy scifi fan like me would do, though).


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