How to drink milk

So, if you know me, you know that I am a big milk drinker. I always have been, my entire life. I used to drink 2%, then my family switched to 1%, and in college I finally made the transition to skim and haven’t looked back. I think that has definitely had a positive affect on my health.

Still, I’m guzzling down almost two gallons per week of the skim stuff.

I like the taste of milk after it’s been opened and in the refrigerator for a few days better than when it’s fresh (I call this being ‘aged’ because I am a nerd). Melissa, however, swore that it was best when the gallon had been opened just that day. I haven’t really heard anyone else express their preference on the topic, so I’m asking you to do so:

If you drink milk, when does it taste the best?


5 Responses

  1. In the small town where my grandparents live there’s a local dairy that produces milk. They don’t distribute very far, so the milk is always incredibly fresh. That’s my favorite.

  2. My stomach is hurting just thinking about consuming that much lactose. Ugh.

  3. @Cole: I think they make a pill for that!

    @Nathan: Is that pasteurized? How is it packaged and how does it compare to what they sell in the grocery store?

  4. straight from the udder during milking time when it’s still warm. This might seem disgusting to most of you, but it is very helpful to see if there are no problems with the milk and interesting to see that milk from different quarters of the udder tastes different – sweeter or saltier…

  5. […] Ice Creamy Goodness Okay, I’ve already found out how you guys like your milk. […]

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