The mind plays tricks…

So, I was reading an article in Reason magazine on the Metro today called “The New Age of Reason: Is the Fourth Great Awakening finally coming to a close?” and this sent my brain zooming back to an old American History class I took in college.

We were studying the Second Great Awakening, reading primary sources and all the other wonderful things you do in a college history course. Later that day, I was listening to the song All The Way Up to Heaven by Guster, and I convinced myself that the song was about a revival taking place in that time period (this is, in actuality, doubtful.)

So (back to today), after having this excellent song stuck in my head all day because I had read a somewhat obscure and unrelated article in an excellent political magazine, I was wondering if anyone else in the world had this connection cemented in their mind like I do. It seems unlikely to me, but you never know in this crazy world.

Weird connections abound. For example: my first roommate in college was named Danny, and he was in a long distance relationship. He was deathly afraid of ever leaving his dorm room because he might miss a phone call from his lady friend. Also, I was a big fan of Ben Folds in college and still am. Danny transferred after one semester, but a few semesters later I was having lunch with a few friends and we happened to be talking about him. One friend said “Oh, so it’s like the song (Annie Waits by Ben Folds) “Danny waits.. for a call.. from a friend.” I don’t know why, but I was dumbfounded that she so quickly connected two very personal parts of my life in such a way that I had never seen before.

In fact, I am dumbfounded now that I even remember that.

In short, the point of this post, if there is one, is that the mind is a very strange thing. I will leave you with this thought, oft-quoted by my brother in his best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression:

My CPU is a neural-net processor… a learning computer.


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