Penny Arcade Short Fiction Contest Entries

So, my coworkers tell me that Penny Arcade is having a contest to find the best stories set in World of Warcraft that can be told in only ten words. I decided to have a hand at this, and I thought I would share my entries with you:

  • The shadow priest logged out. Faces are safe… for now.
  • “Kek,” said the Tauren, a trail of gnomes behind him.
  • Ride off the mill full speed! No light feathers? Mommy!
  • She rerolled, at level seventy, after tiring of the Macarena.
  • He thought he was safe. Then, eighty rogues unstealthed. Oops.

I doubt any of these are top top quality, and some are a little inside baseball, but after this I can claim to have entered a short fiction contest.



One Response

  1. I imagine 80 rogues unstealthing to look something like a Klingon bird of prey coming out of cloak.

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