I see ICC, see?

So, they’re building this road, see?  It’s called the ICC, or “Intercounty Connector.” Anyway, it’s been very controversial in my area for a long time, for environmental reasons, for traffic reasons, for aesthetic reasons, basically for any reason that a road can be controversial.

This road has been in the works for 40 years, at least.  Fifteen years ago, the most probable plan on the table would have involved bulldozing my parents’ house to build it.  That was because of some sort of fish or something that lived in a stream along the route.  Eventually, the fish all had died, or they weren’t a problem anymore, or something, and they decided that they were going to go with a different plan.  The new plan runs the road almost adjacent to my house!

Where the road is going to go is woods right now, but the map above shows what it will be like in a few years.

Now, we knew this was a likely possibility when we bought the house.  I was somewhat pleased by it, actually, because it should provide us with a 5 minute route to both Laurel and Gaithersburg, which are currently about 20 minute drives.  Also, we’re much better off than some of the people in our community who will have the road directly behind them.

When the realtor came to visit, she said it wouldn’t be a problem at all (check out the lake and bike path that will be between us and the road, it might actually look nicer from our porch).  So, I’m alright with it for personal reasons.

For political reasons, I’m a little more cool to the idea.  I don’t think the government should be building or maintaining the roads in general, and this road, specifically, is apparently going to be a toll road, so the government plans to charge us double (once for building it, and again for driving on it).  Many groups near where it will be constructed are against it because it will increase traffic everywhere else near it and because they think it will lower their property values.  Essentially, I’m against it but not for their reasons, so I don’t join them in protesting it.  But there are some big protest groups in my area.

Anyway, I’m hopefully going to be selling in the near future so this affects me less than it otherwise would, but I still find the whole process interesting.


4 Responses

  1. What exactly do you think the government *should* do?

  2. abolish itself?

  3. I can’t wait for the Kingdom of Walmart.

  4. Corporations like Wal-mart only exist by government charter.

    Get rid of the charters and the money and assets can’t be held by the corporation, businesses wouldn’t be able to get crazy big and powerful.

    They could still franchise, though.

    Anyway, no one forces you to shop at Wal-mart. They can’t hold a gun to your head like the state can.

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