The $2 Bill

As you’ve seen over the last week, I have some funny ideas about money.  Sometimes I feel like cultivating this odd trait by being a little eccentric.  One of the main ways I do this is by trying to spend and use as many $2 bills as I possibly can.

Most people don’t know how easy it is to get $2 bills.  You can go into most any bank and ask for them as change for your larger denominations.  It generally only takes about 2 or 3 minutes of your time, and if you’re already at the bank to use the ATM it’s quite trivial.  Banks almost always have at least some of these bills, but if the tellers are lazy they often won’t do what they need to do to make them available (and I empathize, somewhat).  If you don’t get them, try a different bank when you get a chance, or just ask for $5s instead.

I had requested a few a number of years ago, but after Melissa left I found myself going to the bank a little bit more often, so I’ve been able to keep at least a few in my wallet all the time.  The first day I went to get them was April 1.  The teller said that a bunch of people had been requesting them that day; I suppose for some sort of elaborate April fools joke.  I went back in a week later and went to the same teller.  She didn’t comment that second time.

Once you have the bills, spend them!  I like to say that with the recent inflation, the $2 is the new $1!  Sometimes you get funny looks from people when you try to use them, and sometimes cashiers seem a little annoyed or confused.  At work, when we go out to lunch, I try to pay with them (since the bill is always either $7 or $11 and all anyone ever has is $20s), but the other people at the table always scoop them up before they actually get into the till!  This has happened at least 4 times when going out with different groups of people!

Using these bills can also lead to conversations about money and the nature of our monetary system, which I enjoy having.  Sometimes people will ask “Is that real??!!” and I can say something to the effect of “that depends on your definition of real, but it’s as real as a $1 bill.”  And then, sometimes, if they’re nerdy enough, we can get into a conversation about fiat money, and at least one more person is enlightened.

I wonder if any rap parodists have written about all their “Jeffersons.”  I’m probably the only kind of nerd who would find that funny, though.

In short, I think we should try to get more of these into circulation!  They’re useful, fun, and pretty.  And if you do it you can be an eccentric nerd like me!


3 Responses

  1. Personally, I prefer the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin. America is sorely lacking in polygon-based money.

  2. Rectangles are polygons!

  3. That’s what the government wants you to think.

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