Dessert Quesadilla, An Untapped Resource

Guest post by: poober

Who can seriously say they don’t enjoy quesadillas? They are the spanish equivalent of a grilled cheese sandwich, which, dont you worry, will get my attention in a later post.

Quesadillas are simple to make, go great as an appetizer, snack, or full blown meal, depending on hunger levels or magnificence of said consumable.  And it comes in so much variety! You can have the classic cheese quesadilla, or spice it up with a THREE cheese quesadilla. Throw some chicken or steak on there if you’re a meat lover. I’m a fan of the mushroom quesadilla. I have even seen it taken to the fatter wallet requirement of a lobster quesadilla.

But, one of the facets of the quesadilla not often exemplified on menus is the dessert quesadilla. It is simple to make and I challenge you to try it for yourself at home. Just take the omnipresent two pieces of tortilla, fill them with apple pie filling, spread some cinnamon or confectioners sugar on the top, throw it in the toaster, and VOILA! instant classic. Fun for the whole family.

You can pretty much substitute the apple pie filler for any other generic pie filling, but im all about the appley goodness. Have some fun, play around with the ingredients. Put anything between those two tortillas and I’m positive deliciousness… or hilariousness… will ensue. Send some pictures of quesadillas your crazy recipes have concocted for follow up posts!


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