Ice Creamy Goodness

Okay, I’ve already found out how you guys like your milk.

It seems like everyone in that thread was trying to top each other on how fresh and raw they like their milk, with me, of course, liking it the least fresh of anyone.

Let’s see if this holds true on another, similar, topic. I like to treat my ice cream bowl and spoon like a mortar and pestle. I mash it up until it’s as liquid as it can possibly be, then fold a bunch of air into it, and blow on it to warm it up a little bit. Once it’s the consistency of a milkshake I will take small bites until it is gone, then lick the bowl clean. Finally, chase it with a shot of skim milk.  This is almost as good as my favorite ice cream, a chocolate banana milkshake from Dumser’s Dairyland in Ocean City, Maryland.

How’s that for not fresh? What is your favorite ice cream and how do you like to eat it?


One Response

  1. Again, no dairy for me, but you mentioned Ocean City, so I have to say, I really, really wish I could get Thrasher’s fries down here. Seriously.

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