Being Bolder and Beagles

Someone recently told me I should try to start doing things I haven’t done before. Novel things. I’m not very good at trying new things in general, but today I did!

The Beagle Rescue of Southern Maryland
, from whom we adopted our beagle Claire, sometimes e-mails us asking for help with various things that they need. Today they specifically asked me to do a Home Visit; making sure that a potential adoptee has the resources and the right setup for adopting a beagle.

So, and this is such a tiny thing, but a big step for me because I usually turn down such invitations, I said yes! And today, the same day, I interviewed the adoptee and looked at her house and did all the good things I was supposed to do.

This is putting myself out there a fair amount more than I usually do. I don’t really know if I was comfortable or if I did a good job, but I am happy to have had the experience. I think the person I was interviewing thought that I was being more confrontational than I was trying to be. For example, when I asked about the size of the dog she wanted to adopt, comparing him to her current dog, she thought I was criticizing the current beagle for being too fat. But I wasn’t! I don’t know if I mumble, or I just seem too serious or grouchy, or if she was just nervous. I need more practice interacting with strangers, and I am happy to have done it today.

If you live in the DC area and are looking for a wonderful pet, I would recommend this rescue organization. Go and look at their site, they have so many beautiful dogs. Beagles are the greatest dogs! They are friendly, love to be with people, love to snuggle and sleep, and are very cute. The only problem with them is that they love to chase things, but that’s easily remedied if you get a fence or keep them on a leash.

I’m supposed to e-mail them about the home visit now. Maybe tomorrow I can do something a little more bolder.


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