Real Men Play Frisbee

Guest post by: poober

I’m not the most athletic guy out there, but I do enjoy certain sports. Many of the more common sports like football and baseball require large teams that I have trouble mustering.

That’s why I have taken to the lesser-played sports. Right now some of my favorites are frisbee-golf, bocce ball, and croquet. Not only can these games be played with at least two people, they can be played right in your backyard.

Now that it’s warm out again Ive dusted off the ol’ discus and started tossin’ it around again. I have a course in my yard that me and a friend randomly picked out one spring and it seems to have stuck, so now not only I know it by heart but all my friends do too:
frolf course
We also put a little twist on it.

I believe traditional frisbee golf is played with hoops on the ground you must land the discus inside. We play that there are trees designated as holes (as well as a sandbank, brick pile, bush, and lamp post). While you don’t break a huge sweat throwing a frisbee and trudging after it, you are up and moving around, so its better for you then just sitting around the house. After a warm up round of frisbee golf with my brother, my parents decided they wanted a go at it and it became a fun experience for everyone.

So grab a friend, grab and brother or sister, grab your parents or children, and get outside to toss a frisbee. Its not the same as going to the gym, but it beats sitting on your ass.


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