Das Uber Sandwiche

Guest post: by poober

Leftovers have to be the greatest invention known to man. Take something you cooked the night before, let it stew in the fridge to fully release its flavor, then pull it right back out and enjoy. My favorite way to get those nuggets of deliciousness back out of the fridge is Das Uber Sandwiche.

Half new materials, half leftover goodness, half insanity, is the recipe for greatness. Take three slices of your favorite bread (I’m a fan of rye not only for flavor but because it’s a little bit elongated and thus can hold more toppings) and lay them out. You’ll need some meat of some sort, whether classic sandwiche meats fresh from the store or maybe that meatloaf you cooked the nice before (maybe the steak you couldnt finish.)

Mix and match, I normally try for two kinds of meat.

Then you’ll need a cheesy substance. Again I shoot for two varieties. Sliced cheese makes a good base, but for something exotic throw some mac ‘n’ cheese on there. Maybe those cheesey potatoes no one finished for dinner.

Now two slices should be filled with one meat and one cheese each. Time for the variables. Things you would not normally find on a sandwich is what makes the Das Uber Sandwich king of the wiche phylum. Perogies, mashed potatoes, beef strogonoff, chili, a slice of pizza, asparagus, or even some stuffing.

Don’t let “Ew that sounds gross” rule your culinary actions. Perogie, asparagus, and roast beef sandwiches are deliciouse. Chili does go with beef strogonoff. Let your imagination run wild. Alright, so you have your variables on your two slices. I like to keep the third slice as a holder of mustard and mayo, as well as a seperator of the other two foodstuff filled slices. Throw it all in the toaster and let it cook together to mix flavors. Smash the three slices together and there you go. Not only to you get those leftovers out of the fridge, but you made a meal fit for a king in the process.

Add an olive with a toothpick for flare!


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