Sorry, Guests == More Fun than Blogging

The past few days I haven’t posted because I was having guests and then exhausted (in a good way) from having had guests. My Grinnellian friend Adele and her husband Thomas were visiting for a few days, and I took off work so that we could do a little bit of the tourist thing with me as a (mediocre) guide.

I love visitors, I love Grinnellians, and I had a great time!

On Thursday, when they arrived, I was waiting for the carpet cleaners to come. Cleaning the carpets is supposed to be the last big thing before I can put the house on the market, so I wanted to get it done, but I also wanted to spend the day with my friends. The carpet cleaners came within the window they promised and I left them alone in the house to do their job while I went out with Adele. They were trustworthy, thorough, and seemed to give me a good price. If you need good carpet cleaners in Silver Spring, shoot me an e-mail for a recommendation.

Anyway, that’s a bit of a tangent. Thursday we did the museums, or tried to. Lately the Smithsonian has been having a bit of trouble keeping their museums open, it seems. Both the American History and Arts and Leisures buildings were closed for renovations. We ended up only going to the National Museum of the American Indian and, briefly, to the Air and Space Museum before it was closing time. We wanted to go to the Botanical Gardens but it was closed. We eventually ended up at the Capitol, watching some sort of Christian protest / service on the grounds of the Capitol, and we had a political discussion about whether such a service should be allowed. They are from Europe, so throughout the trip we had interesting discussions about politics and the attitudes of the peoples in our various regions of the world.  We also talked quite a bit about farming, since that is their pastime of choice.

Dinner was at Chipotle (apparently it’s difficult to find Mexican or Tex-Mex food in France) and then we enjoyed a little board gaming. Kill Doctor Lucky was the game of choice.  I really miss the opportunity to play board games as often as I’d like.  Eventually, though, we moved on to Wii.  They had never heard of it!! Can you imagine such a thing?  Apparently, they don’t even have a television where they live in France, which is very respectable, but still!  We played Guitar Hero III, Wii Sports, and Big Brain Academy.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  We went to bed at 1:30 and got up at 6:30 (my normal weekday schedule).

My lack of furniture complicated things a little bit; I gave them the only bed, and bunked down in a sleeping bag on the freshly cleaned carpets.

On Friday, we got up early and did the memorial roundup, hitting all the normal spots downtown.  Mainly Adele and I had meta-discussions about the memorials; how and why they were designed the way they were and so forth.  Thomas read every quotation from Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR, Einstein and the rest and we discussed them, he really brought a fresh perspective to them for me.

We did finally make it to the Holocaust Museum, and toured the main exhibit, which I hadn’t done for probably 10 years.  The European perspective they brought to it also made me think a little harder about how it happened and why.  It was a sobering and enlightening experience that I recommend.

Finally, we ate at Chipotle again (I guess it was a successful recommendation!) and they took off down the road for their next destination.

I ended up walking probably about 11 miles over the two days on about 5 hours sleep for the past 3 or 4 nights.  When I got home Friday I took a 4 hour nap and last night slept for another 10.  I think I’m mostly recuperated, surprisingly.

I loved having them!  I hadn’t seen Adele for 3 years and I hope it isn’t 3 more before I get to see her again.


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