Guest post: by poober

I am sometimes stubborn in submitting to certain technological advances. I despise Apple, for reasons even unknown to me, and for that I have long put off getting an Ipod. When the CD player in my car died and I hit commercials on all six of my preset channels (Greg should post on that) I decided something must be done.

I enjoy music, I believe it helps to bring forward emotions and a creative state of mind. When I was in high school I needed to listen to music while I did homework. Believe me, the creativity it helped bring out was crucial in bullshitting my way through most papers I wrote.

I digress.

So, I became a consumer whore and went out and bought an Ipod. While it took me several hours to upload all my music into Itunes, which I also despise (with reason! the format is terrible), and then import all my cd’s onto my computer, I am now loving my decision to go out and buy one.

I am carrying my new Ipod wherever I go: friends house, work, workout, everywhere. I also found music on my computer I didn’t even know was there! Look up Louis Logic, lyrical genius! And while Ipod and Itunes dont really tell you about it, you can go steal all your friends music if they have Itunes as well.  Just dont sync your Ipod with your computer (just means you have to manually click and drag your music onto your Ipod) and then you can plug it into any computer and nab more songs. I’ve already ravaged one friends playlist and I’m hunting down the others!

Play on musicman, play on!

Bonus points for anyone that can guess the video I’m watching.


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