Out Sick Today

I didn’t go into work today because of a cough and a terrible sore throat.  This is how pretty much all sicknesses start for me, and I know that if I don’t get enough rest on the first day, a 2 day cold can become a 7 day cold.  Hopefully I did get enough rest and relaxation today.

I’ve been trying to keep very busy lately, going out a lot and being social, so being sick might be a nice break from that.  I still have things to do though, I’m having an Open House on Sunday at my house and Saturday I might be in a parade (if I’m not too sick).

I’m thinking I probably picked this bug up on the Metro.  I usually get sick when I travel, on planes for example, and the Metro seems like the only likely place I could have gotten infected.  It really sucks when you get to Hawaii or the Caribbean and you’re sick from the plane.  I might need to buy one of those masks.

Anyway, that’s the current status.  Hopefully I’ll be better by Monday.


One Response

  1. I sympathize — I’ve been sick all week. And I probably caught mine on our flight(s) back home Sunday.

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