Needed more Short Round or Sallah

Just saw the new Indiana Jones.  It was so-so, definitely not the best movie of the series.  It started out pretty strong, if a little abruptly, and the action sequences early in the film were solid.  There was perhaps a little too much action.  It didn’t feel like Indiana Jones to me, it felt more like a cross between James Bond and National Treasure.

Of course, maybe that’s what Indy always was and I was just projecting a little too much mythos.  I suppose with lower expectations I might have liked it.  I did smile when they threw in some subtle (and not so subtlel) references to the other films.

If you’re not a picky filmgoer, you should definitely see it, but if you only like the cream of the crop, you can probably wait until it comes out on video.  They did have previews for Hancock and Wall-E though.  I am interested in those two.


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