Notes on Driving from DC to Chicago

  1. If you take the northern route, you save about an hour, but it costs $29.25 in tolls.
  2. Eventually, if you see enough trucks behind you, their fronts will start to look like dog faces, and you may even start discerning individual breeds.
  3. Of the three turnpikes (Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana), Indiana is the best by far. No police, no construction, lower tolls, a smoother ride, and the best speed limit system I’ve seen: (70 cars, 65 trucks). Kudos Indiana!
  4. It is probably not the greatest idea to choose soup as the food you are going to eat while driving 70 miles an hour, but eventually you will get the hang of it and even enjoy it (after burning your mouth and spilling it on one of your only two pairs of pants).
  5. When calculating your arrival time, remember to take the time change into account so you don’t arrive 2 hours earlier than you expected.
  6. Remember to wave at Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Toledo, South Bend, and Gary.
  7. Gary is ugly.  Sorry Gary, but it’s true!

3 Responses

  1. Don’t let Joseph Jackson hear you say that about Gary, or he’ll smack you one.

  2. I am driving from chicago to DC, with kids… I would like to know if theres anything to see or visit with kids while driving there…

  3. If you take the Southern Route, Sideling Hill is pretty interesting. It’s on Maryland route 68, which is very hilly. Other than that, just see what’s happening in cities near where you are driving.

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