Last Comic Standing: Season 6, Episode 2

I’m running a little late on this one (well, a lot late), but I did finally get to it after coming home from Iowa. I think I should be all over this weeks episode the day it airs or the day after.

Anyway, this weeks episode included the auditions for Los Angeles and Houston. It was two hours long, instead of the hour and a half of the first episode, and I think that was merited. It makes sense that Los Angeles is one of the strongest towns to find comedians, and all of the folks they found there should have made it on.

I don’t know if it’s a general trend in the comedy community or just a quirk that this season the show is highlighting, but there were yet again duos who were given a voice on the show. Neither made it to the semi-finals, unlike last week, but one did make it to the audience audition. Dos Spanish Flies were pretty good, a little reminiscent of Tenacious D, in my opinion, and that’s a compliment in my book. Does anyone who is more versed in comedy know if duos are the new hotness?

I kind of want to understand more about how the editors and producers choose which comedians to highlight with their own special video introduction. It seems like the people who get them usually don’t move on very far, though not always. I wonder if these are people the producers think might be up and comers but who the judges aren’t particularly interested in. I also wonder whether they shoot those introductions before or after the comics perform before the judges.

The judges in Los Angeles were Oscar Nuñez and Angela Kinsey from The Office. I think they did a pretty decent job of picking the best out of this group, and a very good group it was. It seems like Oscar was a little more discerning than Angela, but they seemed to always come together and fundamentally agree. I think there were more good comics in the Los Angeles group than in the other three groups I’ve seen the auditions from combined.

Especially impressive in Los Angeles were the female comics. They should make a Last Comic Standing just for women and stock it with everyone who showed up to this audition. It was a beautiful sight. Two of them made it through, but the judges opted for a more diverse cast to fill out the selection.

To continue the tradition of pointing out which comics I think should have moved through but didn’t, I’m going to have to go with the ladies who didn’t make it. If I wanted to be consistent, I’d choose the card-carrying Star Wars geek, Jacob Sirof. But, I just loved these comics so much, I’m going to have to go with both Amber Tozer and Ruby Wendell. They just blew me away.

Los Angeles was so good that the show devoted 1:12 out of a 2:00 show, leaving only 0:48 for Houston. The hosts in Houston were Alfonso Ribeiro from Fresh Prince and Neil Flynn from The Fugitive and the new Indiana Jones movie (and, oh yeah, Scrubs). Houston also got the short shrift with only two comics moving on. I think this might have been justified, I only wish a few more from LA could have been selected.

One set from Houston that I didn’t identify with was Mark Agee’s. It might be that I identified with it too closely, as he spent the whole time making fun of vegetarians, of which I am one. Other than that, he seems like a funny enough guy, he just chose a topic that I found distasteful. Andi Smith, one of the winners in Houston, seemed really really familiar to me, and I don’t know where I’ve seen her. Apparently she’s been on comedy central a few times, so that could be it. The other winner, Bob Biggerstaff, made me laugh out loud consistently with his final set. I think it was the funniest of the first two episodes, and I hope he goes far.

It’s difficult to choose who should have moved on from Houston that didn’t get to. I think Danny Rios definitely has a character and a shtick that I can respect, so I will go with him. Apparently his MySpace page plays music, though, so watch for that if you’re at work.

Again, hopefully I can get this weeks episode watched and posted about a little earlier than I did the last two. This season seems to be shaping up to be pretty good, though of course you can never tell this early how it will look in the endgame. I think I will at least enjoy seeing the comedians who have made it through in the semi-finals.

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