Try Not to Get Sweat in your Shortcake

Today I attended and volunteered at the Sandy Spring Museum annual Strawberry Festival. Shortcake, music, tchotchkes and hayrides abounded. The music was pretty good, some jazz, orchestral and big band stuff. I had some pizza and some shortcake (no whipped cream.) Did I mention there was shortcake?

The volunteering part included working for the lions club to break down all the tents and signs and everything that could be ruined by rain or thieves afterwards. It’s hard work and this is my third year doing it. It was pretty hot all day and this day is one of only 3 or 4 per year where I break a sweat from working (yes, I am that lazy, but my hands are soft!)

My triumph of the day: just as we were doing the last thing, which was stacking hay bales and putting a tarp over them to keep them dry, it started to thunder and lightning. We got the tarp on but the wind picked up and blew it back off. I suggested securing it with bungee cords just in time because as soon as it was secure, it started to downpour like I haven’t seen before. TORRENTIAL!
I felt really good and pretty lucky.

A shower later, I’m back on the computer blogging like every other day I don’t do any physical work. My goal for next year: find someone to go with me!


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