Karma, dude, karma

I had a pretty good time at the Father’s Day family gathering, though sometimes I feel a little awkward around everyone since my separation.  Two notable things happened, though:

  • We had a few slip’n’slides hooked up all in a row (we were attempting to break every rule on the box) and once when i was going down I crashed into a little cousin of mine.  I felt really bad but I think everything is okay; she had a pretty bad welt but was going down again about 15 minutes later.
  • I lent my car to my cousin and her boyfriend; they’re driving to Cedar Point for a few days and didn’t have very nice wheels to do it in; I felt like a hybrid would help them out.  So, I am carless for 2 days.  This is a good thing, because I want to see what it’s like to take the bus to work, and this will force me to do it.

So, where does karma play into all of this?  I don’t know.  I feel like lending the car out should give me some karma; hurting my cousin, even though it was accident should give me bad karma.  Maybe it will all balance out.


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