Last Comic Standing: Season 6, Episode 5

The “international” episode of Last Comic Standing this season was a little less exciting than previous seasons…

I don’t know exactly how the producers chose who would be appearing in the international auditions, but obviously someone had to choose. I doubt that all those comedians could have afforded to fly to Miami for just a 2 minute audition. Do you think they had auditions in each country that they didn’t show us?

Judging this episodes were Lonny Ross and Keith Powell from 30 Rock. I think they were the best judges thus far this season; they worked together and had good interplay, and generally made pretty good selections. Plus, 30 Rock is a great show and they are great on it.

They finally seem to have decided to do something with the little box they put the comics in. They seem to have directed all the international comics to sing the national anthem, instead of flailing about trying to be funny in the little box. This maybe ended up slightly funnier than it otherwise would have been. I still think they should just lose that box.

The international crowd seemed to be a little freer to do racial humor. I counted three jokes that were a little more racially charged than usual for this show. I don’t know exactly why that is but I’m just pointing it out. The international comics weren’t as good as I remember from previous years. We ended up with three out of five semifinalists being from the UK, and none from Oceania. That doesn’t seem very balanced, but maybe the producers are trying to go for funny in this crowd instead. The one I thought should have made it: Chris Radburn from Australia.

I had compiled a list of all the semifinalists before this show aired so that I would be ready to post them when it ended. Then they decided to end their show the same way I was going to end my blog post. I’ll still post the list here so that everyone can find it; hopefully I don’t spell anyone’s name wrong.

Before I post, I just want to mention a few people who I’d like to see get past the semis: Mary Mack, Marcus, and Jim Tavaré are my favorites, for the moment, though there are a number of others I’d like to see go forward. Lioz Shem Tov is one, but he repeated some material tonight and he’ll need to make sure he has plenty of unique stuff.

Okay, here’s the list of semifinalists:

New York


Los Angeles


San Francisco





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  1. What about Arnaud collery the french guy? He was HILARIOUS!

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