thesporiest: Round 1, FIGHT!

So yesterday at Mayorga my brother let me play around with his Spore creature creator. I was hoping there would be some nerdy girls around who might be enticed by the creative geekiness of it all, but no luck. And yet! We created some pretty excellent monsters.

Unfortunately you can’t actually play with the monsters until the game comes out. But no worries, we can have our very own monster battle on this very site! Sort of a sort of thing, except only once, and you don’t really get to vote unless you comment.

My brother sent me these and I forget the names; they didn’t show up in the e-mails. Which Spore creature is better? Mine is on the bottom! (hint, hint, nudge nudge)

Poober\'s Spore Creature
Gregorus\'s Spore Creature


3 Responses


  2. Tie. Neither are phallic enough.

  3. Oh, you, Cole.

    Always going in for the internet trends!

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