Rhino be thine Beetle

Guest post: by poober

Rhinoceros Beetle

So today at work I stumbled across a redonkulously ginormous beetle and me being me had to scoop it up and take it home with me. I didn’t figure out what kind of beetle it was until I got back and googled it. It is a Giant North American Rhinoceros Beetle: otherwise known as Grant’s Rhinoceros Beetle.

I originally took it back for a friend who has a collection of crazy looking bugs, but on the drive home (as he scrambled around in a Gatorade bottle with holes punched in it) I grew mildly attached to him. After getting all sorts of information from the Internets I found out that these beetles eat fruit and nectar, can’t bite or harm you in anyway, and are all around excellent pets. He loves to climb all over my arms and though he has pincer claws on his legs and a huge horn on his head, he tickles more than hurts.

The website I looked at said they could fly very well, but mine doesn’t appear to be able to. While they spend three years as larvae, they only spend one year as actual beetles, so I hope he may be a young beetle and hasn’t developed his wings yet. My friend with the bug collection gave me a nice terrarium and the rhino beetle is playfully bulldozing sliced apples in it right now so I think I’ll try and keep him as he is very fun to play with and seems like little maintenance.

The only problem I have now is what to name him.

I’m thinking Cervantes, but I’d love some other input. Cant remember what the beetle from Godzilla was called. Anywho, for more information on Rhino Beetles check out CentralPets.com where I got my info.


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