Last Comic Standing: Season 6 Semifinals Part 1

This week: a semifinals episode, where half the comics are eliminated. This is the first of two two hour episodes, so we get four full hours of semifinals! I hope they are acceptably funny. Richard Belzer and Steve Schirripa (I remembered how to spell that from the last time he was a judge!) are back, having made the trip from New York to Vegas. Bill Bellamy was not on the top of his game warming up the crowd; reminded me of back when Jay Mohr was the host.

I’ll go over the comics in the order I thought they were, least funny to most funny. I came up with this order before I saw who got to move on. Comics who moved on are in bold. I also mention when the comics got to talk to Fearne or the judges.

Adam Hunter:
The pretty boy was very high energy, and seemed a little nervous. He went for a series of rapid fire jokes, one after the other, with not really very much transition. In the interview before he went on, he was very cocky He got a judges comment and an interview with Fearne.

Phil Palisoul:
He has a good personality and solid material but I didn’t really laugh.

Ron G:
Most of his set was him doing a funny voice, which was funny, but not super funny. I didn’t laugh.

Jeff Dye:
Many of his jokes got applause more than laughter; I think he did some pretty good physical comedy on exercise machines. He got an interview with Fearne.

The Meehan Brothers:
These guys do something totally different every time, which is respectable. They can think things up. I didn’t laugh at all, though, in the end.

Shazia Mirza:
Another instance where she got some applause as well as laughs for her jokes, and she did the rapid-fire delivery as well. It seemed like she was a little nervous. Fearne interviewed her and she seemed very nervous.

God’s Pottery:
They only have time to perform one song in the sets they show on the show. It’s hard to judge them just based on the one song but I don’t know if they will fit in well with the rest of the show. Judges comments: they never break character, which is respectable but a little creepy. They got a Fearne interview.

Andi Smith:
I’d go see her in West Virginia! Smiles all around but no laughing. She does the low-energy thing pretty well and she’s fun. No interviews!

Drennon Davis:
Lots of smiling from me, no laughing. He’s very much a personality and I respect anyone who can pull off a whole chorus and verse of a fake rap song. Fearne interview.

Paul Foot:
I didn’t want to like him, because I didn’t really like his set on the international show, and he comes off a little cocky, but I smiled throughout. He did alright. The judges talked him up, as did Fearne.

Lioz Shem Tov:
As a prop comic, it feels like he’s a bit of a long shot, has to prove himself. He might not have that much material, it appears, as I think we’ve seen the turtle before. No laughs, but he made me smile consistently from beginning to end, which was also the judges comment. He got judges and a Fearne interview.

Erin Jackson:
Produced some laughs, she has a very laid back personality. I think she would do well writing and starring in her own sitcom (it’s too bad NBC took that prize away this year, but it figures since none of the other winners ever got theirs). Again, she’s from DC so she has a hometown advantage for me. She got a Fearne interview.

Winston Spear:
I don’t remember seeing this sort of act from him before, the sort of nervous and strange footwork and posing. It worke for me, though. I laughed. Winston got to talk to the judges and they gave him somewhat negative comments which was unusual.

Erin Foley:
I would consider her very sardonic if I am right about what that word means. She was the fourth comic on stage and the first to make me laugh out loud.

Dale Jones:
A southerner with a little bit of a similar sensibility, though a little less crazy, won last year. He very much has an interesting personality. He definitely produced a guffaw or two from me during his set.

Dan Naturman:
Very funny, he produced some laughs in my case. He has kind of a Maxwell Smart delivery which I appreciate, and it’s timely!

Obviously the judges and/or producers did not agree with me at all! How very sad. Three of their selections were in my bottom four picks. I hope America is as disappointed as I am! If they choose this poorly next week, too, I might have to stop watching!

It seems like they went for diversity and charisma over funniness, which is pretty common with this show. They selected no females, though, so expect to see at least two females move on next week.

Four of the five winners got an interview with Fearne; eight out of sixteen performers did, so it seems like a Fearne interview is strongly correlated with being selected. We’ll see if that holds next week.

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