Last Comic Standing: Season 6 Semifinals Part 2

I’m late again! This time I was at the beach, and then I didn’t rush to the Tivo to watch LCS after I got home. I think that’s okay, though.

Let’s go straight to the competitors, again from those I thought were least funny to those who were funniest:

Stone & Stone:
They mainly did material they had already done. I didn’t laugh at it this time; last time was pretty good. The audience seemed to like them, as did the judges and Fearne.

Heath Hyche:
Very high energy, I can give him that. I didn’t know we had two prop comics in the competition, though. The audience seemed to like it, though the judges didn’t. I didn’t really care for it.

Papa CJ:
Relatively new to comedy, he did a lot of the same material he did at the tryouts. That’s probably not a good sign, but the new stuff was pretty funny. He also has the confidence, even cockiness, that good stand-ups often have. Fearne should have given him a harder time about that!

Dan Cummins:
Pretty good and I laughed; some people posted a comment on my blog saying he steals material, and a lot of people were searching for him. I don’t know if that bodes poorly. I like him when he’s up there.

Eddie Pepitone:
There was a lot of yelling on his part, and some laughing and smiling on my part. Self-deprecating humor can work well in some of the sequences they do on the show when you make it through, and he is a master.

Bob Biggerstaff:
“The world’s only push-up cummerbund.” Very laugh-worthy, and they always need at least one “fat guy” comedian on the show.

Jackie Kashian:
She ended with “there’s more to that” and I definitely would have been willing to hear more. I didn’t laugh out loud, but I respected that finally, a white comedian could do a whole set making fun of their parents.

Iliza Shlesinger:
When she’s on the stage telling jokes, I’m laughing. I don’t think she did anything funny, though, in the interview beforehand or after with Fearne. She could be a fierce competitor in the house but maybe not a funny one.

John Evans:
I laughed, and I don’t just think he’s funny I liked him too.

Esther Ku:
I didn’t know what my expectations here were. She has sort of a combination of the Asian family humor I liked from Dat Phan and “I’m a cute girl and I know it” I liked from Amy Schumer. She is definitely funny. Fearne gave her two thumbs up.

He didn’t do any impressions! This is quite surprising, since they’re his strong suit, but his set was pretty good which shows important range. I didn’t laugh out loud but I respected it. Then he did his Walken on the way out! Fearne and the judges made the same conclusions as me.

Louis Ramey:
He did wall-to-wall jokes, with no relief, and most of them landed. Again, a couple times he repeated material from the tryouts, which seems a little strange, since he has so much experience and probably a huge repertoire.

Pete Lee:
He always makes fun of his own name! But at least it’s in a different way, not a repeat of material. I laughed a lot during his set, really enjoyed it.

Mary Mack:
Hooray! Funny and fun. I liked her just as much here as I did in the tryouts. The judges say she took too long to get out the first joke, but I think it was worth the wait, just to establish her stage presence.

Sean Cullen:
Great set! A funny and well-sung song and some jokes beforehand that I don’t even remember after the song. It really only had a couple of jokes in it, but they were good. He reminded me of an old-timey bard.

Jim Tavaré:
Great performance! I laughed the most of any and I think it’s pretty amazing that he can do that with a Bass on stage in a tuxedo.

This weeks comics were more consistently good than last weeks, in my opinion.
I would have been happy if all the girls had moved on. As it is, only two did. I would have also liked to see 7 or 8 move through from this group rather than only 5. I don’t know how they divided up the group into 16s, but they didn’t do a great job!

Anyway, the comics they chose to move on, as you can see, I am much happier with than last week. Given the little I have seen, I think I will go with Jim Tavaré to win it all. That being said, whoever I usually predict to win goes home about 4th from the end. We’ll see if my record continues.

This is the last time I can choose someone who should have gone forward, because the eliminations will be in 1s and 2s from here on out. I’ll choose Mary Mack, because I have a crush on her.

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