Last Comic Standing: Season 6, Episode 8: In the house, finally

Well, we’re finally in the house, where the real drama begins.  Challenges!  Eliminations!  Rivalries!  Less Comedy…  Photo Shoots? Hm.  I hope this episode was supposed to be devoted to “getting to know you” type activities because a lot of it wasn’t that funny, but was rather a little more dramatic.  I was okay with that because I also appreciate good reality shows that throw interesting people into houses.  One of my favorites was Amish in the City, for example.  Still, I hope next week we see some stronger comedy.

One problem with the show is that the comic who is the funniest often wins immunity, which means you see them do less stand up!  Shouldn’t we be wanting to see more stand up from the funniest comic in the group?  In any case, Jim Tavare, my pick to win the whole thing, got immunity this week and I think he deserved it.  He didn’t get to take his bass into the boxing ring but that didn’t slow him down.

The other comics who made the semifinals in the boxing challenge seemed to deserve it.  Sean Cullen and Jim Tavare are among the strongest.  God’s Pottery really had an advantage in the non-stand up portion of the show because they could always fall back on their characters.  Like someone said (was it Ron G?), “it’s like going up against Borat.”  Unfortunately that didn’t save them when it came time to perform on the stage.  I didn’t think they deserved to be in the finals here in the house but they do grow on you.

Except for the calendar part of the show, and the “10 best jokes” filler (was it me or did they choose sucky jokes?  Even from the exciting visages of Dat Phan and Doug Benson), I was okay with it.  The people who got eliminated were probably among the weakest comics.  Esther Ku repeated some of her jokes, which never bodes well, and wasn’t that funny.  It was a little scary that the only two girls on the show could have been eliminated, and I’m glad they weren’t.  No matter how much I knock the producers for choosing diversity over talent, at least some diversity is necessary!

I was told before watching this episode (on Tivo; was at a dinner party yesterday) that it wasn’t very good.  That’s probably true, and it could have been cut down from 2 hours, but it was good enough that I’ll stick around for the next few episodes.

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