Netflux: “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters”

I don’t know how you can pull so much drama out of a bunch of nerds getting together to play video games.  I guess it proves there’s drama in everything that people do.

The King of Kong is a documentary about a man named Steve Weibe who set himself a goal: to be the world record holder of the high score in Donkey Kong, that arcade classic.  The score had been held for many many years by Billy Mitchell, who is famous amongst the classic arcade game community for setting many of the original records in the early eighties.  It’s amazing how villainous the director can make Mitchell and many of his friends seem.  The first few scenes feature only Billy and at first I thought the movie was about him, which made his egoism and cockiness a little more scary.

I had heard that this movie was excellent; one of the best documentaries of the past few years.  On that basis I got most of my family to watch it with me.  Their conclusion was mostly: meh.

I liked it, though.  There aren’t many docs out there that feature people nerdier than me doing amazing and outrageous things.  Another one that might fit that category is Trekkies, which I’m a fan of.  I think I’ll stick Trekkies 2 in the Netflix queue.

I give this one four out of five stars.  Highly recommended if you like docs, video games, or drama!


4 Responses

  1. pronounce WEEBEE!

  2. I tried watching this but I couldn’t make it five minutes in because I thought all players involved were complete tools.

  3. It is a very good documentary. But after looking into it a little more I come to find alot of untruths in the film and wonder if Michael Moore made this documentary.

  4. I thought it was great– so intense! It seemed like the filmmakers may have manipulated things a little bit for maximum drama, but on the other hand they were given a lot of material to work with from the “villians.”

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