Last Comic Standing: Season 6, Episode 9, more eliminations

They always start with last week’s winner coming back, which is sort of a nice reminder of what happened and you get to see a little bit of comaraderie in the house before they move on to some sort of dinky competition. This week was the car wash.

I don’t know why they even did the car wash thing; I guess they need to fill the time. I think I would like the show much more if it was an hour or an hour and a half and they just did one challenge: the one that matters.

In the Carrot Top challenge, Louis Ramey and Marcus they showed first, they were both really good. Then, we had a string of misses. Jeff Dye did really excellent with his theme act of 10-second movies. I think they showed the best ones early so that you wouldn’t remember them when you see how good Jeff is, and then you’ll think he deserves it more. Not that he didn’t deserve it. The producers tend to manipulate things in this way.

Marcus hasn’t done any impressions yet since we’ve been to the house, has he? Ron G has done some, but not Marcus. I want to see some!

Again, I think they’re doing a good job of picking out the weak comics. I feel bad for Iliza having to go out there twice, though. I think Ron G or Adam Hunter could have gone out instead.

The thing about choosing the weaker comics at the beginning, while it’s the smart choice for the comics, it means we don’t get to see much of the really good stand up right away. There aren’t a lot of laughs in the showdowns this early! Papa CJ ended up doing a lot of material we’ve seen before, and Paul Foot seemed super-nervous (not that you wouldn’t be!)

There are a lot of commercials. I have tivo which makes it a little easier, but they do have to fill 2 hours, which seems like a little much for the content they have. The voting lasted almost a half hour all by itself. Trim, NBC! TRIM!

Anyway, alright episode this week. I can’t wait to see Jim Tavare, Marcus, and Sean Cullen get out on that stage. And we get to vote next week? Maybe? I’ll have to make sure my cell phone is charged.

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