Pine Cone Pack Rat

When I was younger, I had a pine cone collection.  Every time I was out somewhere I would keep my eye out for interesting and unusual pine cones.  Apparently my parents took me outside quite a bit!

Anyway, I was doing a little more housecleaning and I came upon the collection:

And another angle:

I can’t figure out if I should throw the collection away or not.  I probably should, but I’m a pack rat and it is pretty awesome.  Maybe I could find a way to display it or something!  Or give it to my kids to inspire them to go outside.

There is one cone not shown in the above pictures, because it would barely show up. The littlest pine cone!  It would be easy to lose:

Isn’t it cute?

This pine cone collection is one of my greatest achievements thus far!


One Response

  1. may i suggest a shadow box? that way they can be arranged at your discretion, and displayed. it would certainly be a conversation piece.

    to me, there’s a huge difference between being a packrat, and displaying memories.

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