Blog Neglect, or Bloglect

Bloglect can be a serious problem, but in my case I think it’s a good thing! It’s indicative of an attempt to get back into the swing of things: to stay busy and be social. I’ve been busy nearly every night, which has been distracting me from pretty much everything and which is generally a good thing.

Here are some of the things I’ve been up to:

  • Girls – specifically, one girl, who I’ve been out on a few dates with and whose company I’ve been enjoying.  I am enjoying all the little things that dating has now taught me about being single; and she’s pretty good at making suggestions for how to improve my place as well.  I made her garlic bread, one time.
  • Golf – I’ve taken this up, even though I’m not the best.  I go out with my dad about once a week and play 9 holes.  It’s good practice, though I seem to be shooting around the 120 to 140 range so far (except one time when I played the red tees).  I should have gone to the driving range today, but my clubs are in my car and I let my brother use it to drive to the beach.
  • Games – specifically, the scrabble meetups and a few other meetups I’ve been to that generally involve board games.  I’m starting to know the people at the scrabble meetups by name.  There’s also a really cool one I went to in Silver Spring by the publishers of a specific game called Wits and Wagers.  I may do a board game review on it, even though I’ve only played it in the context of this large-team meetup thing.  I may be able to play it if I can win enough dollar-coupons at the meetup to afford it!
  • Poober – I hang out with my Broseph pretty often.  He’s the only person willing to play video games with me at this juncture and we like to watch Netflix movies.  We watched Revolver, which was eminently weird.
  • Burger – Nearly ever Monday my coworkers head to the Quarry House for some drinks and half-price burgers.  I’m starting to get to know some of them a little better which might lead to more socializing.
  • Programmer –  Just recently, I did a little bit of programming on an open source project run by some friends from college.  A tiny tiny bit, but hopefully it will spur me into doing more and having a little fun with it.
  • Mindless Entertainment – There’s the Olympics, Monk and Psych are in season (I could make this a TV blog, but meh), and also I’ve been playing some Bookworm Adventures.  That’s really no excuse for not blogging at all, but there it is.

Hopefully the bloglect will pass, but if it doesn’t, we can chalk it all up to me leading a bit more of a rounded and comfortable life and being a little less forlorn and/or lonely, which is a good thing.  I have some ideas for posts in mind, though, so we’ll see what comes of them.


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