High School Short Film: Dumpy

My friend monitron has been busy digitizing and Youtubing various videos that were produced by my “TV Production” class in high school.  The first one was the first “digital” video that was edited on the computer, called Dumpy.  This video would have been made around 1996 or ’97, when I was a sophomore in high school at the Barrie School.

The computer we had at the time was not powerful enough to do both audio and video, so it was made in the mode of a silent film, though music and narration were added later using a normal Betacam tape editor.  The music came from an old Buster Keaton film, and matches up brilliantly with the story: there are “home sweet home” and “horror” themes that show up at exactly the right times.  We used Buster Keaton to go with the silent film theme and also because even back then we were concerned with licensing issues! (the film we borrowed from was in the public domain.)

The film stars Sebastian, and if, against my better judgment, I post more videos from these good ol’ days, you will see him grow as an actor, indeed.  Monitron directed, and I was cinematographer and narrator.  The film’s themes are really rather grim, though it is meant to be comic.

Enough talk; with special consideration to John Fuller, our teacher, I give you Dumpy:


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