Too Slow to Blog (and I Don’t Get Bailed Out)

I wanted to post yesterday about how when an industry is failing, the government seems to incentivize the biggest companies to fail the fastest.  That is, the first company to fail inevitably gets a bailout, but not everyone can get one, so later companies just have to work through their issues.

Sadly, I have been proven wrong, since I read over the shoulder of someone on the Metro that AIG has been bailed out by the government.  How do they make these decisions?  To shower some failing companies with money and security and leave others by the wayside?  It seems impenetrable to me.

I think my first point still stands, though.  If you know you’re going to fail, try to be the first.  That way there will still be some funds left to keep you afloat.  If that fails you, be the biggest in your field (even if you got that way by taking risks you shouldn’t have taken).


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