Save Money, Help the Environment, Scare Away Buyers?

Lately the weather has been perfect for turning off my air conditioning and heating and just opening a few windows to let the house breathe.  I spent most of the spring in this state and enjoyed it immensely; I also saved quite a bit of money those two months.

I want to do it again this fall but I’m not sure whether it would hurt me when potential buyers come by to look at my house.  Would they think I don’t have a functioning air conditioner?  Will it not feel and smell as “fresh?”  Will it feel and smell fresher?  I’d ask my realtor but my communication with them is not so good.

So what do you think?


One Response

  1. Leave it up to the realtor to do the talking – let them know that the aircon is all working but you prefer to have the house vented naturally. It’s probably a selling point, that you can get a decent cross-flow of air going.

    Also most houses have a distinct odour which the tenant can’t detect; haven’t you ever walked into another house and thought ‘whoa, that smells odd’? Airing your house out would make it smell more neutral.

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