You Don’t Know Me (at ALL)

Ben Folds has a new album!  It’s called Way To Normal.

The way I learned about this is through the modern technology of Tivo.  I’ve told my Tivo to record any show on which Ben Folds appears, and he was on Conan last week.  You can watch him perform “You Don’t Know Me” feat. Regina Spektor on, though you probably have to watch a commercial first, then fast forward to the fifth section of the show.

Anyway, I picked up Way To Normal today and have listened to it twice so far.  It seems to be about Ben’s divorce and how to get over it and get back to normal and, as you can imagine from the post immediately below, you can see how that would resonate with me.

Anyway, so you should watch the performance.  Ben is my favorite musician and Regina Spektor is also on that list.


4 Responses

  1. Incidentally there’s also a *fake* album called Way To Normal which is available on the internet. It’s got all the same titles as the real album but it’s made entirely of fake songs the band recorded in about 8 hours. They leaked it early to throw off fans.

    I saw him in concert last Wednesday and he played a bunch of the fake songs back-to-back with the real new ones. Some of the fake versions were better, if a lot sillier.

  2. You can grab the fake album here:

    Also through a not-so-long chain you are actually responsible for my brother’s wedding song. So way to go, Greg!

  3. What did he select?

  4. The Luckiest. Except it was sung by someone who really didn’t have the right voice for it (I mean the singer was spot on singing Motown stuff, but Ben Folds…less so).

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