Notes from Blizzcon

Guest post: by orlowski

Dear Gregorus readers,

This is Orlowski, a newly-appointed guest author for Gregorus. I’ll be contributing this weekend about my trip to Blizzcon in Anaheim, CA. Try to keep up!

It’s 6:30, way too early to be up. Not only am I up, but I am already at the Dulles airport waiting to board my flight. My typical schedule involves consciousness no earlier than 8:45 am, but today I’m going to California. The thought of the 5 hour nap in the sky is keeping me going long enough to eat my bacon egg and cheese sandwich from the airport version of Five Guys (which emulates the real Five Guys very well).

Why the land of raisins and wine you ask? I’m going to Blizzcon, Blizzard Entertainment’s quasi-annual celebration of their fantastic game universes: Warcraft (1,2 and world of), Starcraft and Diablo. Gregorus has been gracious and courageous enough to allow me to contribute as a guest author, so I’ll be keeping you all updated on the goings on at Blizzcon, as well as some of my reactions, opinions and first glances at all the snazzy new stuff Blizzard is putting out. I’ll also be gloating about the sweet SWAG I’ll be hoarding.

So stay tuned for more Blizzcon pics and info tomorrow and Saturday!


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