You Received Item: [BlizzCon Ticket]

Guest post: by orlowski

I’ve been playing a game for the past 24 hours. It’s called “Who is going to Blizzcon?”. You play the game by looking around and trying to guess if whether a person is going to Blizzcon. I’m pretty good. Meg (girlfriend) played the game: “Maybe there is another girlfriend here who wants to go shopping tomorrow”. I don’t think she fared as well.

After some anxiety, I finally picked up my Blizzcon ticket and goodybag tonight. Around 3:00 (pacific time) I showed up with Meg for pre-registration. I thought “Oh, its 3 in the afternoon. Surely, most people already have their tickets and I can just waltz right in and pick mine up”.

We parked the car and followed the shallow herd of people around the corner, looking for the registration booth. I imagined we would come upon some neatly-trimmed, slightly tired co-ed team in white blizzard polo shirts, standing behind a weathered folding table handing out passes. Boy was I wrong. The building is one big circle, so there aren’t exactly ‘corners’ to walk around; but as we circumscribed the building, the image of a line of people began to appear. We walked further. The line got longer. Further, longer… until finally it ended. The reason it ended was because it was going BACK INSIDE THE BUILDING. Disheartened but not defeated, we decided that since I had already purchased my ticket, there was no need to stress out in this line and went to eat Chinese food.

We returned nearly 3 hours later, fortified by lo-mein and greanbeans, and decided to stick through the line and just get it over with. This was when the true amazement set in. We returned to the same place in this Klein bottle of a line and walked to find the end of it where we left it, inside the building. We went inside, and kept walking, kept walking, kept walking. Thirty yards we did this until finally the line turned a corner and… went into what looked like the floor of an empty UPS warehouse hub. I estimated that four concurrent football games could be played in this space without confusing one field goal. The line was no longer restricted to run along the outer wall of the convention center, but was let loose in this grand arena to twist and wind its way 6 times. I’ll have pictures as soon as I can get a converter for Megs camera.

The line moved quickly and I spoke with the people around me, eagerly awaiting what would be in the SWAG bag. We soon found ourselves near the front of the fast-moving line, and finally were sequestered into a second line for the ngu-pas section of the alphabet to recieve our ticket. This line was short and the people lively. The friend of the kids in front of us had already gotten their bags and were showing off what was inside:

  • 1 Box QQ n00b tissues
  • 1 Tin Diablo III ‘Sinamints’
  • 1 Inflatable Frostmourne
  • 3 Keychains
  • 1 Blizzard Authenticator key
  • 1 Starter set Wow TCG deck
  • 1 Orc halloween mask
  • 1 Glowy Blizzcon pen
  • 1 Canister zerg creep with zergling
  • 1 Stress ball of some sort from diablo III

and of course…

  • 1 Polar bear mount code
  • There were some other cool things in the pack that will be revealed throughout the course of this weekend by Blizzard via RL quests and such, so there will be even more to stay tuned for.


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