A Gastronomic Challenge is Issued…

Not to interrupt the excellent on the spot Blizzcon reporting from orlowski, but my appetite has been whetted by an interesting search that led someone to find this blog:

japanese crab wasabi quesadilla recipes

I challenge both of my cobloggers, who are both culinary wizards of one sort or another, to come up with a recipe that sates this unlikely searcher’s desires, and then prepare it!  If they both succeed at meeting this challenge, I will assemble a panel of judges to choose the victor, IRON CHEF STYLE!

Disclaimer: The panel of judges may consist of only me.


5 Responses

  1. This is very do-able. I imagine that scallions or shallots might be involved. I would fry the outside of the quessadia and create some sort of sauce with wasabi, like you might put guacamole on a regular mexican quesadilla. This is possible, but must be conducted carefully or the cheese could get out of control.

  2. Alright, when you get back I will buy you the supplies you need and we will document the process, if you’re willing.

  3. Bring it on!!!!

  4. … With pictures!

  5. […] Good to Be the Chairman! A while back on this blog I came up with the idea to hold a cooking competition at my place between my sometime-cobloggers: my brother “poober” and my housemate […]

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