Blizzcon, Day 1

Guest Post: Orlowski

First and foremost, the lack of public internet in Anaheim is very frustrating. I hoped to be able to post more frequently, but internet is either A: not available or B: $10.00 pr 6 hour period. I finally broke down and bought 2 hours of internet in starbucks, so here i am.

Inro speech:

I was honestly somewhat disappointed by the intro speech to Blizzcon. As I’m sure many of you have heard, there weren’t really any new announcements other than the Wizard class for Diablo III. They DID play some of the cinematic sequences for WOTLK and Diablo II and I must admit that it was awesome watching those videos with 7999 other Blizzard fans.  It was also interesting hearing the CEO speak with love for his company and the work he does. It is obvious why Blizzard’s products are the best electronic games in history.

The other 7999 Blizzard fans

The other 7999 Blizzard fans

Nifty Gadgets:

Some time after the intro speech, the throngs dissolved a bit and I could move around and look at some of the vendor booths. One of the coolest things I saw was the booth for the custom figurines (site). They were demonstrating the process of the creation of these figures and had some cool ones on display. One of them was a gnome ‘towering’ over a slain Tauren. They also had on display the panda pet

Figurine of Collectors Edition panda vanity pet

from the collector’s edition of classic WoW. The creation process is pretty much like you might expect. There is a ‘printer’ that progressively plasters layers of glue, building the 3d representation from the ground up. In the second phase, the printer prints the color onto the dried model. There were many other booths to explore, but I left most of them for today. The volume of people crowding different booths made even some meek peeking unproductive. I do have a ‘quest’ card from Brady Games from my SWAG bag that I’m going to turn in today. Hopefully I’ll get some sort of coupon that will make me buy something. I also plan on buying some shirts today.

FigurePrints figurine printer

FigurePrints figurine printer

Devoted fans:

The imagination and enthusiasm of the fans was on full display. I’m not sure what today will bring as far as costumes, but the contest yesterday attracted some very impressive creations. I saw multiple (tired, imho) succubus costumes, other scantily clad women in harpy and more than one High Inquisitor Whitemane. One of the fans had constructed her own working, ridable turtle mount, acquired in-game by entering a code found on a rare wow trading card (She was an industrial engineering major).

Druid? and High Inqusitor Whitemane

Druid? and High Inqusitor Whiteman


After a bit of enjoying the fans, booths and the ambiance, I decided it was time to try out some of the games.  There were three main corrals of computers set up for each of 3 games: Diablo III, Starcraft II and WOTLK.  I started with WOTLK.  The line moved swiftly, as there were over 100 computers and each user was limited to 20 mins per turn.  Using their custom accounts, I created a level 80 death knight and started playing around. I don’t know what the numbers SHOULD be like for a new 80, but I was doing a fun amount of damage. The mechanics also look like they’re going to be interactive and thought-provoking. It’s not just a xxxxstrike spam.  The ‘rain of zombies’ was particularly cool. It’s a channeled spell where you keep summoning ghouls/zombies the longer you channel and they hang around and kill stuff with you for a bit.
Today I plan on waiting in line and trying out some of the Balance druid talents, like starfall.

Diablo III:

Talk about nostalgia. A few months back, I re-installed Diablo II to remind myself of how I spent so many hours in my early high-school career and a tear almost appeared in my eye. After sitting down and logging into Diablo III, that same feeling washed over me as I was immediately drawn into both the story and the  gameplay. The same interface is there but it seems 1000 times smoother.  Lots of things in the environment are destructable now and the game really feels satisfying to cast a huge explosion or slam a group of ghouls back.  At one point I was forced to eliminate some vomiting zombies. At least I didn’t have to clean up that mess.

Diablo III is going to be amazing. Not only will the single-player aspect grab players by the throat, but the co-op multiplayer is going to ruin lives. It’s amazing (and scary) how quickly 20 minutes can go by. Perhaps they will need a warning label on the box.

Undetermined characters + lady from Ohio + Scantily clad harpy

Undetermined characters + lady from Ohio + Scantily clad harpy

Starcraft II:

I was a pretty big Starcraft fan. I’ll admit that I was never that great, but I’ll use the excuse that I was 15 when I was in my Starcraft prime.  Starcraft II definitely has the ‘Blizzard Polish’ on it, similar to that on Diablo III, and it’s not even done yet. The mechanics are mainly the same: resource management, territorial expansion, industrial sabotage, but I need some more time to figure out some of the tactical and aesthetic differences Starcraft II will bring.  I was playing it at the end of the day, so I was tired and not on top of my game. I think I’ll give it another go today. FOR THE ZERG!!!


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  1. At nagsimula na naman pong magtatalon sa kilig ang totoy sa akin. Hehehe.

    May sequel na ang isa sa mga computer games na kinalakihan ko! Kung may isa man akong kinaadikan noong bata pa ako, isa diyan ang paglalaro ng Diablo. Nung nakita ko ‘yung gameplays dyan bigla ko ulit naalala yung paglalaro ko. Memories. Hahaha.

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