Pumpkin Naming Conventions

I went to the pumpkin patch today at Butler’s Orchard and picked up a full sized pumpkin for the first time in I-don’t-know-how-long.  It might have been the first time ever.

The past few years we would get a small decorative gourd from the grocery store and name it.  The first one was named Gourdon.  The next one was named Beauregourd.  I thought those were both very clever names.  Now that I have a real pumpkin, I figure I should go with something a little bigger and more grandiose.  Here are the ones I’ve thought up as possibilities:

  • Michael Gourdan
  • George Plimpkin
  • Mikhail Gourdachev
  • Samwise Pumpkee

Anyone have any better ideas?


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