Weekend Update: “I’m Gregorus, and You’re Not”

I posted my weekend details on my plan but I thought I’d share them here too:

This has been kind of a crazy weekend, but I think that might be a good thing. I stayed late at work so as not to pay for parking and ended up playing a board game with a coworker at a fast food mexican restaurant.

Then I went straight to my brother’s house without changing out of my work clothes, didn’t get there until 9, then stayed up until 4 in the morning drinking and playing board games and card games and Smash Bros. over there. Which was a good thing!

Why it’s a good thing, I’ll get to. I crashed at his place (actually my parents’ place, they’re at the beach celebrating their 29th anniversary) and woke up at 2:30 PM. This is also part of the good thing. I went home and got cleaned up, put on my Lion’s club shirt and went to what I had signed up for: managing parking at relay for life. And yet, I wanted to go to my cousins graduation party! So I asked the King Lion if they really needed me and he said no so I went to the party (after hanging out with the pending District Governor in our tent). At family parties, we always play board games (are you sensing a trend?) and I bring a bunch so that we can do it. I bought my cousin a card on the way there and drove the hour and 15 minutes to their place in Western Maryland. Cool party!

I enjoyed that, we played games, we laughed, I walked with my two preteen cousins around town. They talked to their friends on my cell phone until my (admittedly paltry) battery died. I stayed up playing one of the more complicated games with the graduate until 11pm. We said our goodbyes and I drove the hour back to relay for life. I was assigned to walk from 1 AM to 3 AM (THE GOOD THING RETURNS). I’d only been up 11 hours so I wasn’t tired. I actually started walking at 12:30 and kept it up ’til 3:08 to be sociable with the people going before and after me.

I came home and slept. And got up at 11 and called another friend and she just called me back and we’re going to hang out at her place in Virginia with another group of friends that I’ve made. She likes board games so we’ll see if that happens. My aim is to have played Dominion with 4 different groups of people this weekend. And I still have unset board game plans with two other people. So it’s all good and it’s very busy.

The whole weekend I’ve been dealing with this tightness/pain in my chest, though. It feels like I’m having a mild heart attack, but I’m totally not. I’ve been to three doctors and they all just essentially said “whatever, you’re fine” and sent me on my way. So I’ll just give it another week or two. I think it might just be neuropathy or bruising or something from holding my phone to my shoulder with my cheek at work. Or it could be something with my arm artery, but the doctors say probably not so whatever.

I only have had one meal since Saturday morning (of potato salad, bread, and 3 brownies) so I should probably eat. But first I’m going to finish making this facebook “how well do you know me?” quiz, I think.


One Response

  1. Hey Greg. Two things:

    1) Boardgames? Awesome! I miss playing board games regularly.

    2) Could it possibly be acid reflux/GERD? My acid reflux manifests as pain that is exactly how I imagine it feels to have a heart attack. You may (or may not?) want to check with a GI.

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