Ireland Travelogue – Day One

September 11/12, 2009

“The key is not to sleep.”


I did not sleep on the overnight flight due to my theory that staying up is the best way to beat this. It’s pretty rough. It’s about 3PM here on the first day when I’m writing this which is the same as skipping a night of sleep until 10am the next morning. I can tell Andy is feeling it too. We are chilling in the room right now hopefully not falling asleep…

Haven’t yet.

Today we arrived in Dublin.

The flight was somewhat unremarkable. Whatever, I watched Wall-E… it was awesome. I guess the main thing to be remarked on was that we were flying on September 11, which made a few people we told about it nervous. It was fine, though. We flew on Aer Lingus, the Irish airline. The plane was mostly empty and there was no one seated in the exit rows so we were asked if we wanted to move there. We did. We were seated directly across from one of the flight attendants and facing each other, which was a little bit awkward, but she was friendly. The in-flight entertainment was quite good and I ended up watching the first 5 episodes of Mad Men, along with a couple movies. It was a redeye flight and the “night” only lasted about 4 and a half hours.

After landing early in the morning, we stopped in the airport at the tourist information station, where there was something of a line. Andy smoked, of course, while I waited in it, and when we got up to the counter we decided to purchase what are called the “Dublin Pass.” These were cards that you paid up front for and allowed you to get into most Dublin attractions for free. We also got a city map with all the tourist attractions listed on it.

We walked from the airport bus stop to the hotel and checked in, then set out pretty much immediately across the river and east about ten blocks.

Arriving at our Hotel in Dublin

Arriving at our Hotel in Dublin

We stopped along the way a couple times to take pictures of Dublin in general. One of the first places we stopped was a restaurant called “gruel.” Andy had to have his picture taken in front of it:

Who could pass up a picture with the such well advertised gruel?

Andy thought this restaurant was cool, but I didn't notice him volunteering to eat there.

Andy thought this restaurant was cool, but I didn't notice him volunteering to eat there.

We also stopped at Christ Church Cathedral and the Guinness Storehouse, both very impressive. The Cathedral was almost 1000 years old and filled with all sort of ornate decoration.

We have about 15 pictures of Cathedrals, here's the best picture, at Christ Church.

We have about 15 pictures of Cathedrals, here's the best picture, at Christ Church.

It also had crypts underneath it that you could walk through. I had never been in a crypt before. There were cool exhibits of all sorts including “The Cat and the Rat,” two mummified animals that had gotten stuck in the organ pipes and were mentioned in “Finnegan’s Wake” by James Joyce, and jewels donated to Ireland by William of Orange.

Mummified Animals!

Mummified Animals!

The Brewery and Storehouse had a very entertaining, thorough, and modern explanation of how Guinness is made, and they were in the process of celebrating their 250th anniversary. I tasted the featured beverage in the tasting center, but passed on the free pint at the Gravity Bar, which is the highest point you can go to in Dublin. I did not insult the locals by refusing their delicious gifts. The views from there were spectacular.

The View from the Guinness Storehouse Gravity Bar

The View from the Guinness Storehouse Gravity Bar

Both places accepted our Dublin Pass, which seemed fortuitous.  Well, they were in the Dublin Pass brochure… so I think they had to.

The city kind of reminded me of Baltimore. I think that’s a compliment.  …really?

We stopped at a pub called “The Cink” on the way back for food. It was deserted at noontime. When do people here eat lunch? We stayed a while and watched soccer and talked and tried not to fall asleep. When we wandered back to the hotel, I tried to get my phone to work, but it didn’t. I did get the adapter to work so I knew I could charge it if I ever did get it to work.

We went to sleep at 3:15 (Andy) and 4:15 (Greg) and got up at 9:30 and 10:30 PM respectively to go have drinks at the hotel pub. They played 80’s music and it was pretty busy as it was Saturday night.  It was awesome!  I’ve never seen so many people jam out to the song “shout” since Animal House. We stayed up ’til 1:30 planning and chatting and then went back up to our room on the third floor for bed.

Here is a map of where we went on this our first day:


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