Gregorus Everywhere!

Inspired by Courtney’s post on her online shenanigans, I guess I’ll do one of my own.  If you want to get the full Gregorus experience online you have to visit all of these various venues:

Reddit Favorites:  This is one of two Gregorus-sources that just sort of springs out of my everyday activities: there’s no extra work involved at all.  The public news aggregator easily and succinctly tells you most of the interesting and funny random stuff I’d found that one day.  It even shows up on the front page of this blog, with just one click!

Google Reader Shares:  Also published on this blog’s front page, these tend to be a bit more serious.  Most of them are posts from the blogs I read every day and the shared posts are the ones I consider the very best.  It’s essentially a blog that I create just by reading what I read every day.  Also very cool!

Twitter: actually takes a little bit of work, but just a tiny bit.  I have to be inspired to microblog every now and then, and most of the people I know who do it do it much better than me.  Still, sometimes I post about things there that appear nowhere else.

Facebook: requires you to have an account to see, but I microblog there as well with my “status updates.”  Some people update twitter and facebook at the same time, but not me.  I try to consider my audience and the purpose of each tool and use them appropriately.

Grinnell Plans: I’m one of the few people I know who has their plan viewable by the whole wide world.  Hence, most of the people I’m responding to are unreadable, and responding is what I do there the majority of the time.  Still, though, sometimes I write updates about my feelings and doings there that I do nowhere else.

OKCupid: I rarely update this; I don’t think it’s been updated in months and months, but sometimes I do post there and it’s a factor in my online presence.

And then there’s this blog, of course.  If you’re absolutely obsessed with me, you’ll have to check all of these resources; sorry, but that’s the way it is.  I try to live in the future; all of you should too!  Join me in the Interwebs world!


The Great Facebook Referrer Puzzle

I promised myself that if I ever Googled anything and didn’t get a response, I’d put up a post about it so that other people won’t have the same problem!

So here it is:  When Facebook links to some web site, they pass along an indicator that tells you how the person who clicked the link got to the profile that the link is on (this is called the referrer, or referer if you like misspelling things in protocol specifications).  For example, if they clicked on your profile in their “news feed,” the code passed along would be nf.

You would think that since Facebook is providing this seemingly useful service, they would tell you what each of the various codes are.  I couldn’t find a listing anywhere, and I find it very odd that that’s the case! Every now and then a new code comes in and I try to sleuth it out but a lot of the time, I can’t tell.  Anyway, this post is my place to put information about what I discover on this topic.

Here’s the list of codes I know about:

  • nf = “News Feed”
  • hiq = “Manual Query”
  • ts = “Friend Search”
  • mf = “Mutual Friend’s News Feed”

Links that don’t track referrers:

  • “In a Relationship With”
  • “People you May Know”
  • “Friends” tab
  • “Inbox” (I would think they would do this one)
  • “Photos”

If you know of any other codes or you know of any “official” information about this, I’d be glad to hear it.  I think I had seen one other code but I can’t find it now in my site history of referrers.

Saturday Night (not so Live)

I’m supposed to be packing for my trip to the beach but I’m hooked on the episode of Saturday Night Live that NBC aired yesterday. It’s the very first episode, which featured George Carlin and they aired it as a tribute to him. It is consistently good; the sketches are much much shorter than they are today, there are way more musical acts and comedy routines, and there’s much less focus on popular culture, which means most everything still resonates today. I hope that by doing this they learn a little about how they should be doing the show today.

I’m trying to figure out what to pack. I need towels and a bathing suit, some clothes, and a nice shirt since my Dad is taking me out to an “executive” golf course (that means 9 holes and short ones at that). But the most important thing is board games! I had a request to bring Whoonu and Cineplexity (I’ll have to review that one when I get back). I think I’m also going to bring Rock Band, though I don’t know if I’ll have any takers on that. The adults all claim the songs are “noise” and are intimidated! Maybe if it’s a rainy day.

I haven’t been blogging much lately. Google downgraded me for some reason so my hits dropped and that was disheartening, also I just haven’t had too much to say. I’m not leaving for the beach until Tuesday but I’m going to be busy tomorrow night and am leaving straight from work, so unless I find some great Internet there (which is doubtful) there probably won’t be any posts in the near future, either.